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Welcome to the official website of Apk Editor Pro, edit your Apk with our new Apk Editor Pro. Which allows you to enhance and customize any apk file stored on your mobile.

100% Safe & Secure

What Is Apk Editor?

Apk Editor is an Android app. With this application users easily modify the Apk (Android app packages) file. This app is made for modifying any android apk file very easy way. In the Apk Editor Pro version users can edit limitlessly to make any changes to resources, code, and other elements within an APK file. According to her need.

 This professional tool makes changes in the apk file search, such as background image replacement,  layout changes, – architecting and many others internally and externally with APK files.

APK Editor Pro comes up with a 4 + rating on Play Store, and it’s free to download, supports by protecting against viruses and malware and has no impact on a user’s device for collecting privacy and data. 

APK Editor Pro comes up with the latest features through which users can professionally edit and develop several free APK files and applications. 

To continue with the use of APK Editor Pro, users need to download it from our website for Android devices, where after downloading the application  you can perform several changes 

with your existing apk applications and new applications and do functions such as implementing multiple changes in visuals, graphics and appearance of the particular APK.

What can I do with the APK editor?

  • Change or Modify the resource: With the APK editor, we can modify the various resources inside the app. We can change the image icon inside the app and the interface of the app.
  • Edit Code: We can change the app’s Java or Kotlin code. By changing the code we can change the functionality or behavior of the app.
  • Customization: APK Editor can be used to customize apps via including new features, eliminating unwanted functions, converting colors, altering layouts, and greater. Educational and Research Purposes: APK Editor can be utilized by builders, researchers, and lovers to apprehend how apps work, look at coding techniques, and explore app internals.
  • APK Decompile: This app helps us extract the contents of an APK file, including its assets, resources, and source code. This makes it possible to analyze and modify app components.

Requirements (Latest version)

Android 4.0 +

App NameApk Editor + Apk Editor pro
 Size36.32 MB
Latest Version1.10.0.0
MOD FeaturesUnlocked
LanguagesEnglish and  19 more


Apk Editor Pro Download

How To Download

To download APK Editor Pro, you first need to visit the IOS / Android Store on your smartphone, where you will find the application to download it. The application of APK Editor Pro has a of between 10 MB – 30 MB of maximum. As It is earlier mentioned that APK Editor Pro is a free platform, so its download and installation are also totally free.

If you cannot download it from Play Store or App Store, you can search on Google for download links. Search Results from Google will redirect you to several websites which allow the download of APK Editor Pro on your device.

Key Features

APK Editor Pro has full access to futuristic apk updates with the availability of full features editing tools. The top key features which APK Editor Pro  handles for customization are 

  1. Supports Multiple Languages 

With the availability of several programming languages, users can build and develop apk files and applications easily through APK Editor Pro. The most popular programming languages to deliver the best apk applications are C++, Python, HTML, and Javascript. 

Fully customized applications built through APK Editor Pro support every Android device and IOS device after being live on the play store or app store. 

  1. Dynamic Code Editor 

APK Editor Pro has the most advanced code editor platform where users can perform several code edits. Along with it, this tool also supports syntax highlighting, due to which several codes at a particular time can be delivered to run apk files in APK Editor Pro. 

  1. Editing through Smartphones 

Along with adapting multiple features, one of the most prominent features of APK Editor Pro is that it supports the ending and development of APK files with smartphones too, where its inbuilt customization features are the same for both laptops / PCs and smartphones. 

For coding and other customization options, APK Editor Pro acquires smart smartphones feature where whatever and every feature is used for development and designing the APK files with a smartphone easily compared to Laptops or computers.  

  1. Supports Multiple Plugins 

APK Editor Pro is a most powerful tool for tech gigs that supports multiple plugins through which users can customize both their old and new APK files in terms of code, design, and implementation.  

Through these expandability features, users can work on improving specific terms of APK files and applications with the help of APK Editor Pro 

  1. Change Source Location 

For low-end devices with less space in their phones, APK Editor Pro supports them by allowing location shifts from internal storage to SD card without changing the optimization and features of APK files. 

  1. Other Important Detailing 

With the help of APK Editors Pro, outlining APK files, such as adding names, icons, colors, and some other little customization, doesn’t require coding and development terms. So these tasks can be easily performed to improve the quality and appearance of APK files and applications. 

Advantages of Using APK Editor Pro?

There are some great benefits that APK Editor Pro offers to its user after downloading it on their devices. 

  • With the help of APK Editor Pro, users can easily download the paid games for free along with paid files and applications in apk version and access them for their use. 
  • APK Editor Pro comes with stable and efficient security patch updates which don’t allow users’ data to get unsecured and don’t ask for personal information to run on the user’s devices. 
  • APK editor pro has the most updated features compared to other APK files and similar APK Editor Pro applications on the internet. 
  • As this editor supports multiple functions, huge numbers of plugins of projects can be worked in a team on APK Editor Pro for several projects, which can be presented live on the website legally with the help of APK Editor Pro. 
  • APK Editor Pro has got approval from Play Store and App Store, which is legally &  safe to download. 

Disadvantages of APK Editor Pro

The major disadvantages of APK Editor Pro are given below as follows – 

  • Some features with APK Editor Pro do not work because it is being banned from Play Store for security reasons and privacy. To function those features, a user must download APK Editor Pro from the browser, which is unsafe and insecure. 
  • Many times, it is found that apps similar to APK Editor Pro are present on the Internet, due to which users download fake applications and get trapped with viruses, and lose their personal and important information. 

Difference Between APK Editor and APK Editor Pro

Compared to  APK Editor, APK Editor Pro has the most enhanced features and updates, due to which users can perform several functions, which include development customization and designing of apk applications at the same time with the help of APK Editor Pro. 

By not only specifying the best features, APK Editor Pro also doesn’t require any third-party installation for performing such functions compared to APK Editor, where APK Editor requires some third-party application to run some specific functions.

It is also noticed that APK Editor gradually attracts some malware and viruses, which risks user data and negatively impacts the user’s device. These things are removed in APK Editor Pro, which comes inbuilt with end-to-end security and doesn’t require many permissions to navigate and function on the users’ devices. 

After performing some best delivery results, APK Editor Pro became the most popular APK file editor compared to APK Editor and has grossed millions of downloads worldwide.

APK Editor Pro for IOS?

To download APK Editor Pro for iOS devices, users must visit their app store and search for the application. If they cannot find the application, they can visit their browser and search for APKEditor.Pro for downloading.

After some seconds, they will find several websites which allow the download of APK Editor Pro from the Browser. They can download it easily from those servers but need to grant permissions from their settings to run on their devices smoothly and perform functions.

Why Do You Need To Grant Permission Before Installing It?

If you are an ordinary user of Android mobile phones, you know the necessity of granting certain permissions before installing an app.

These permissions are varying in accordance with the type of mobile tool and its functions. You will need to grant your permission when you install APK editor pro as well. These include access to the SD card and read its contents. Yes, this is necessary when you are going to change background images Etc.

However, there are no other special conditions with the latest update other than the usual needs of accessing the network.

Some of the users are afraid to allow access permits when installing the apps by considering security issues. But, since this is a trusted app by the Google Play Store, there is nothing to afraid of.

Further, you do not want to follow root access in order to download it. It means it is not a third-party app for Android.

Will It Slow Down The Performances Of My Phone?

We all have the bad experience of slowing down the original performance of the phone after installing a new app. Most probably, this is because of the size of the application.
If it is taking too much memory and capacity to run the app, the performance may be reduced due to a lack of capacity to run other programs.
But, do not worry, it will not happen with this wonderful creation of steelworks. It is just a 7MB in size.
Therefore, it will not take a considerable amount of storage capacity from your internal memory. Hence, the original performances of your phone are preserved.


For what purposes APK Editor Pro  is used

APK editor has performed several functions, such as developing,  designing and customizing the different types of APK files and applications. 

Is APK Editor Pro a safe tool? 

Yes,  APK Editor Pro is safe because it’s come with end-to-end security

How to Perform Coding in APK Editor Pro?

To perform coding in APK Editor Pro, you must have a good knowledge of programming languages and syntax highlitation to perform coding here.

What is the file size of APK Editor Pro on Smartphones?

Mostly for Smartphone, APK Editor Pro come between 12 MB – 50 MB  of file size. 

Where to Download APK Editor Pro if it is unavailable on the Play Store / App Store? 

To download APK Editor Pro, if it is not available on the Play Store or App Store,  you can still download it from apkeditor.pro easily after granting their permission to download to your device through an unknown source download in the device settings.

Can APK Editor Pro used to make New APK files? 

Yes, with the help of APK Editor Pro, you can build new APK files easily

IS APK Editor Pro different from APK editor

Yes, APK Editor Pro is a different former APK editor because it has some of the most specialised functions and features compared to the APK editor.

Why is it that if I have downloaded APK Editor Pro on my device still, it is not available?

Sometimes because you have not granted permission to unknown sources in your phone settings to download  APK Editor Pro from the browser, you need to install it again from your browser download list to see if it’s available in the app list. 

 What are the requirements to download APK Editor Pro? 

To download the APK editor, you have an operating system of version 4 or more.

Can I take the help of APK Editor Pro to customise my old APK Files? 

Yes, you can perform several changes in your old APK files with APK Editor Pro 


The APK Editor Pro is an excellent tool to fulfill editing needs in relation to Android mobile tools. It provides most of the funny applications of different background images and app settings in accordance with the personal knowledge of usual technical issues.

At last, we have come to the ending point of this writing. If you need more knowledge on these types of wonderful mobile tools, keep engaging with us!